Dear Benni,

Here is our project for “Der Berg”.

Its name is Airlift, Luftbrucke o Puente Aereo. It is also called “Rescue at the mountain”.

Is a station on the road to the top where the sherpa and the hikers will play a rescue. The hikers will have to climb to the top of the platform, insert their heads and their arms in several holes drilled in its surface made to guide a stretcher-plane trough the columns that hold the platform. This is a rescue at the mountain and at the same time, a guided flight through a blockaded city, like Berlin. The rescue team will guide a body carried on a stretcher-plane by handling it with their hands (using rubber gloves) and trying to push it and drag it in order to remove the body to the exit of the labyrinth. The experience for whoever will be carried on the stretcher is to make a grazing flight over several heads that are above. An inverted grazing flight.

These are the basics.
A stretcher made of plywood with a plane shape. ( 4 wheels, safety belts,etc)
Five pairs of rubber gloves (they must be the longer you can get)
The platform is of passable plaster board.
The structure of the platform is of steel framing.
Love light or these black light bulbs, we don’t know how do you call them.
Paint, but we don’t know yet which colours….
Any question???????