Usurpation of empty houses.

This work is the first experience of the series “usurpation of empty houses”.

Located in the Belgrano neighborhood, on the ground floor of a joint in p.h. Surrounded by tall buildings between medianeras that filter the arrival of light. Moldes is the name of the street and also the figure that determines the operations with which it was worked. The intervention allows that through the emptying, the light slides to the darkest places of the existing construction. Thus, before the new inhabitants enter, the light is brought in. The shape that acquires the draft of the walls and mezzanines determines the path of the look. As a negative cast of what remains illuminated, or worth seeing …


Project:                     Gabriela Cardenas / Ariel Jacubovich

Development:                   Iarón Jacubovich

Kitchen modules:      M777

Roofed surface:      52m2

Location:                    Calle Moldes, Belgrano, C. A. de Buenos Aires

Project year:               mayo de 2005

Construction year:                     julio-noviembre de 2005

Photographs:                 Arq. Andrea Arrighi y archivo A.J.